Friday, September 12, 2008

Good looking Family

I'm sure Jen isn't goingt o appreciate this pic...but it is the only one I've got of the 3 of them:) They are doing well I hear, and anxious to get home and get started with life. I showed B Lorelai's picture today and told him who it was and he said her name quite well. I was impressed. Her pic is the wallpaper on my phone and he looks at it frequently. O my gosh I am going to be counting down the days till they are here!!!!! But for now I will have pity on myself for leaving:)

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Beck is such a cutie. And big to be able to say her name. :) I hear you are leaving with you hubby for a week or a little less. Have a great time. It will be great for the three of you. Love you, Stacie

Sariah said...

Meggan I am so sad that you weren't here with Jen and I know she is sad too. But I hear you and your little man are able to be with your hubby, so that makes me so happy for you guys! Congrats Auntie Meggan!

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