Thursday, October 23, 2008

6 days....

I'm sure it seems like I'm counting down the days till Matt leaves....but I'm not. I'm really bummed he's leaving. My only saving grace at this point is I myself am also leaving. O boy am I excited! I get to slap my sister for having a boyfriend...that's going to be fun. :) B and his cousins are going to be able to play!!!! And I get to be Miss photo and take lots of pictures:)
Anyway. I've been going to a cardio kickboxing class right down the road. It is awesome! It kills me to the point of wanting to hurl....but I'm not dieing the next day! So hopefully I can shed some lbs/inches. I wasn't able to go last night because my brother in law has a date tonight so we had to go shopping for him. Matt and I were able to spend quite a bit of his money:) He looks good though. They are going to the Melting Pot and I'm jealous bc it's sooooooo yummy!
The foster dog I have right now......I would like to......well....I would like her to go to a new foster. Let's just put it that way:)
Ha! B got some new cowboy boots last night. He liked them so much he wore them to bed and had them stick out under his blanket so he could see We removed them after he went into lala-land. It was cute. I will have to take a picture for all to see:) Ok. Enough rambling.
Till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

B is too cute. I hope you got a picture of that. Chris looks good I am sure. Pants that fit are a great thing. :) Tell him good luck for us afterwards so he doesn't think we are interfearing. Soon you will be counting down to the last 6 days until you get to see Matt again. :) Love ya Stacie

The Fletchers said...

Um...B with the cowboy that must have been adorable!!! I can just see it :) Post the picture girl!!

love you bunches. 5 weeks and counting!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Meggan, Kick boxing sounds like fun. Cowboy boots? Where is your post for the 24th? I want daily updates of what is going on in UT!

Taylor is potty trained, Alex is walking (well walking and falling). She has a bruised nose from a fall a couple of nights ago. Zack is crazy and Nana is crazy too. We are looking forward to seeing you and B.

Take Care
Uncle C