Monday, October 13, 2008


So we got our first snow of the season yesterday!!!! How cool is that:) So I have a picture of it for proof because apparently it's going to be in the 70's by the end of the week. Weird weather here in UT.

Lol....I took this picture of B when his Dad was throwing him onto the couch. It was really funny. He kept asking for more. He's one cute kid and I'm lucky to have him in my life.

Things with Matt. He has his flight itinerary to leave Oct 28th. That means he won't be around for Alex's baptism...bummer. But B and I will still be able to. Matt flies back in on the 24th and is able to have Thanksgiving with us before he flies back out on the first probably. And that begins our Maui adventure. I am going to try like heck to get back East one more time. I miss my family like nobody's business. But anyway. Here's a pic of my new foster pup with a tail...she's a barker.... :/

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katrina said...

We will miss you.... as much as you miss your family....
Love ya,

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Crazy kid! He looks like he was having a blast. We got the snow too, just not as pretty as yours. :) You'll have to get used to not having any of the white stuff. Hawaii isn't know for its harsh winters. (hehehe) It will be great to see you and Beck. Tell Matt we will miss having him here, but good luck and safe travels. Love you Stacie

The Fletchers said...

Um...B looks like he's grown like a week since we saw him just over a month that's crazy!!

Erick is jealous of the snow :) can't wait to see it when I get there!