Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wild Hawses

So we went out in the Jeep today because well...we lead boring lives and since my friend Meg is here we needed to do something:) It turned out to be very interesting. I will let the pics explain themselves and say that the visit from my New Yorker has been fun:) She is going to take a horseback riding lesson from a barn I have gone to, tomorrow. Then we will prolly putz around before she goes to the airport. My neighbor had her baby this morning! Very exciting. 7 lbs and something. I will try to get up to the hosp. to see her. are the pics...till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

How fun! I bet you were having a ball. I am glad your weekend has gone so well. Love you Stacie

The Fletchers said...

Are those wild horses yo??? Or just some loose one from some guys ranch?? Funnnnnn!! Did the boys go with you too??

And no making fun of my bald baby :)

love u!