Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well hello all! Been a long time. :) And really, nothing all that exciting has gone on around here. Since B's birthday Matt flew back out to Hawaii. Jen flew in from SC. Grammy Rose flew out to Illinois,.....and boy are we celebrating!!!! I know that's awful, but she really is kind of a damper. After a lot of talking I think Matt and I have decided that traveling isn't any fun. He is going to come home for xmas and work at the shop and probably find a new job. It's no fun having him gone for extended amounts of time and the cost of moving us out there is daunting....so alas...no Hawaii. But at least when I go it will be a vacation:)
B has been going to the bathroom on the toilet now since the 25th of November. We are very proud of him and he loves announcing his bowel movements after he has had them:) lol.
Jen and I took a short visit to Idaho to see M&S and the children. It was alot of fun. You can see pictures of our visit at her blog. We had a good time.
I don't really have any pictures to post...so until I do,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Your a goober. Sounds like lots of stuff going on. :) We had a great time with you all too. Can't say I am too dissappointed that you will be staying somewhere where I can drive too. Have a great night at the temple. Love ya

Sariah said...

Looks like you guys had a blast in ID! How fun!!! Now I get to be the jealous one of you spending time with Jen. LOL!

I will put up some belly pics when I can get my hubby to cooperate and take some pics. LOL! Lazy boy!

Hope you are doing great, and hope you and Jen are having a blast!!!!!