Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back in the cold

Well we made it home. I seriously think if I didn't have a child, I wouldn't be back:) I had an awesome time. I got my sun-kissed Not too lobster-ish but almost. I guess I could go into detail about what we did now that I have a computer to use for more than a few minutes:) The saturday after i got there Matt took me to Big Beach. The waves were pretty decent. I got my butt spanked by them. lol. I got sand all through my was pathetic. I'll try to put up a movie I took of Matt in the water. Sunday we took a drive around the island to Hana. I will never go on that trip again! It's something like 137 hairpin turns with 56 one lane bridges on the side of a volcano. Make even the strongest stomach turn! Beautiful views....but never again:) Matt and I ended up calling it the road to Monday we were at the Wyndaham resort so I was there for the day. I went across to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon. I flipped evenly but apparently my butt cheeks were sun hogs because they got TOASTY! lol. I know. TMI. :) Ha...this is coming to an end abrubtly because I just got a waaaaavvvveee of tiredness. So I will finish later:) Till then,
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Glad you are back safe and sound. :) What happened to the sun screen? Can't wait for the next instalment. Love ya