Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, I guess it's official. As official as it can get. We are expecting number 2!!!!!!!! Went in to the Dr.'s today and saw our speck with a heartbeat! I'm glad to have the stress of worrying about miscarriage 80% gone. Lister told me that my chances are less than 15% now, so I will keep that in the happy So our due date is August 24th give or take depending on baby and such. Matt flew out yesterday so he wasn't able to go with me:( But my next is on Feb 4th and he will be home and we should be able to hear the heartbeat by then. Yay! Since I had gestationla diabetes before they gave me the super awesome orange drink to take before my next appt to screen me early. I hope I don't have it. Boy that would stink....but if I do and that's the only problem I have then great:) Ok. so here is an u/s pic. Kinda looks a blob! :)
Till then,

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Sariah said...

WOOOOHOOOOOOO! Huge congrats Meggan! I am so thrilled for you guys!!!!! Can you tell? lol! What a great looking blob! So happy! YAY!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Congrats! Megg Love you. I am excited to have another cousin running around soon. Love Ya

Nate and Aimee said...

Yay! Congrats! Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? I'm so glad you got to see the heartbeat--it was such a relief to go in and see our little bean right where she should be with a nice strong heartbeat at 9 weeks. :)

Chris said...

Heyyy Congratulations!!!!! Awesome exciting. Keep the updates coming.

Abbie said...

Awww... it looks just like you! :) Yeay! another little one for Taylor to beat on!