Thursday, March 5, 2009

long over due

I'm going to put up some pictures of before and after on our carpets.....

Yes how exciting I know. Not much new going on here. I went and bought some maternity pants yesterday. I really dont like them. They make me feel like they're falling off my butt. On top of the lack of not showing. This pregnancy is driving me crazy. I just feel like a fatty. But that's the story of my life I guess. I'm certainly not one of those women that can have kids and six weeks after birth fit into my jeans again. So how do I fix it? Start now and after the baby's born turn into a workout-a-holic. ANYWAY.

Matt comes home in 2 days!!!!!! Woo-hoo! B and I are very excited. Ok. I'm done for now. Till then,

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Abbie said...

Wow! the before and after are great! The carpet looks brand new! :) Hop eit helps seel your digs so you can pack up and head to warmer climates.. enjoy your time with Matt! Say hi to Beckham and Matt fro everyone here..

Abbie said...

Oh good grief.. can yout ell i have a wee one helping me type?

Katrina said...

Hey girl, you look good in those pants even if you think not....thanks for all you do... can't wait to see Matt this next week. Luv ya

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

The carpets look great! It is so nice to have them clean. I am excited for you getting you hubby back. :) Love ya

The Fletchers said...

Yay for Matt coming home!! And the carpets do look really good...probably helps not having dogs around huh??? Where did Callie end up going??? And what books did you borrow from Stacie??? Dang I need to call you!!!