Tuesday, April 7, 2009

100% a girl :D

Awesome ultrasound! I'm so pleased:) Seriously....I haven't stopped smiling:D They put everything I saw on a cd so...if I can figure it out you all can see her as well:) She measured in at 19w 5d, 11 oz and about 9 inches long. She was laying breach..obviously:) And she was folded in half! So her knees were up by her face and her arms were up and behind her head...lol. It was pretty funny. She yawned a couple of times and it was soooo cute! I am so relieved that everything checked out well and she is perfect:) It is amazing to me the technology in just 3 years from B to now. Anyway...I'm excited:) My diabetes is in pretty good control...I was down a pound at my last check-up and the Dr said that was perfectly fine. I feel good too. I'm proud of myself for maintaining and actually wearing jeans...they may be maternity but they sure aren't sweatpants:P So I am going to continue to figure out how to get my video on...so till then,

Well i figured it out! sorry about the trial version...i had to convert it...

this second video is the rest. the first 3-d is of her face and the thick thing in front is the umbilical cord. where the mouse is pointing. the second is a profile...its kind of hard to see...because it looks like she has a big hole in her head:) the third is another front pic...its quick, so look!
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The Fletchers said...

YAY for prego jeans!!! u rock :)

love u!
You're baby is BEAUTIFUL btw :)


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Cutie Baby Girl! I am so glad everything is all good. Love ya

Sariah said...

Awwww! She is beautiful. Glad all is going well, and I feel you on the jeans. Although I am wearing some stretchy pants today. Congrats again on a baby girl!!!

Lee Family said...

So glad God was watching today when he ran out in the road & there were no cars at that exact moment!!! Thanks for the invite I had fun with you guys!! Sabirna gave me your blog site! Cute blog & Cute little family! send me your email and ill send you and invite to read ours SMB4998@aol.com! Thanks again Shawna