Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's raining money...or not

It's a few months into the new year. What does this mean? It means...my fellow bloggers...TAX TIME! It's like Christmas. Except instead of spending all of your money on presents, you get to make back some of the money you spent on presents! For my little family this means a few purchases are in order. What kinds you ask?
Let me tell you.

Let's start with the biggest one...a kitchen table! Yes...you read right. We still have yet to find ourselves a free table set. What have we found? See this post. We did find ourselves a used FREE ottoman that we use as a table and we picked up Miss C another chair that attaches to a big persons chair. We have her set up on the kitchen floor at meal times so we can avoid staining the carpets at all costs. She's 18 months. And a mess. I need not say more. So the table is high priority. And I will still search craigslist for a less expensive one when our bank account swells:)

Second. A bed. For B. The poor kid is still on an air mattress which, really in reality, is ok. Except that we live in Alaska. On the bottom floor of our apartment building and the floors get cold. Air mattresses soak up the cold through the floor. We have layered it the best we can so he doesn't freeze every night. It has done ok, but his sleeping isn't quite what I know it to be. You pair that with him sharing a room with the lightest sleeper in the house...baby C isn't the only one waking up in the night:/

For the adults in the house....sneakers. I know personally that having a pair of sneakers that have gone through a pregnancy...just about kills any cushion they had. And since I am officially a rugby player now...I need some comfy shoes so that at least my feet aren't dying by the end of the workout! Plus....our fam is doing the biggest loser...so any excuse I can make for not exercising needs to be banished. And since some extra cash can fix this excuse..I'm doin' it! 

Hospital, credit card, dentist, misc, you name it we have it.Matt has one credit card that absolutely refuses to go down and I absolutely refuse to continue paying it. So this year...it's gone!!! I will be shouting from the roof tops when this ______(<---insert expletive here) credit card no longer can send me a bill!!!

What about you? Big plans for the money the government grudgingly has to give back to you? :)
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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Bills, bills, bills. Oh and we paid off our fridge. :) So it all ours. Which is good because Alex used permanent marker on it about a week after it was paid off. Figures. LOL I hope those sneakers help you catch up because I am leaving your hinny in the dust when it comes to some biggest losing. ;)

Lildonbro said...

Slowly but surely fixing my fence.

Plus, while the feds are giving me money, the county is still taking it away because of connecting to the water line (boo expensive gov't piping!)
And bills!
the rest in savings for the next catastrophe