Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She's the best

So my sister is graduating high school this year. She has done well her whole high school career...class wise. I'm not quite sure she has all the common sense genes though. For example, she filled out a Fafsa like we all do when going to college. There are questions you fill out before the tax information to determine how will you will claim yourself, ie, dependent or independent. And she was having some issues with needing to fill out 'low-income verification' forms. I wasn't exactly sure what happened so I asked her and she said she filed independent because it seemed like it was easier. (didn't need to ask Mom for help with her tax info...I totally get that!) So, ok, I call up the help center and see what we need to do to fix it and if there is a big difference between the two and could she just leave it the way it was.
I gave them her info, social security, mailing address and date of birth....then the operator asks me if I have some number that grants me permission to get my sisters information...I don't and she tells me that she can't tell me anything. OK...well I don't really need anything important, just to know what the major difference is and would it matter. Haha,..the lady then says, "well it's the way she answered one of the questions that put her as an independent". "She answered yes that she was to this question". Ok, well that doesn't really help me...I'm just trying to help her fill this out because she doesn't really know what she's doing. I think the lady took pity and realized I wasn't out to screw my sister so she says "Well, she marked that she was homeless".
What?! LOL...are you serious?! Well I can assure you she isn't homeless so I'll have her fix that! "Oh ok, well can I help you with anything else today"?
No. That will do it...and the whole time I am laughing and by the sound of the lady I think she was trying hard not to let out a giggle herself!
My poor little sister checked "yes" to homeless....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I wish I had thought to do screen shots for the whole conversation on facebook...but I want to share what I did get:)


Hahahahaha! I love you little sister!
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Lildonbro said...

Wow! That's an awesome story! I love that there is Facebook bantor to go with it! I kind of wish one of my sisters would say they were homeless and needed to bake cookies, sure would liven things up on Facebook.

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Too funny. Sometime our brains just don't quite make the cut. ;) I know this from experience. LOL

Nana S. said...

Bless her heart, you are a good BIG SISTER !!!!!! and we all need help. I am so thankful for my late BIG SISER. Many years ago she helped me navigate the pathway into the adult world.

Matt said...

Now that is funny. Gotta love her. Your sister has brought many smiles to our faces in the past years.

Katrina said...

How funny lol glad you got her straightened out..:) Homeless, I wonder what her father thought???:)