Thursday, June 9, 2011

What I learned this week

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I have actually got a few new things I have which to choose. Well I'll write about them both and then decide:) First, I learned that photographing newborns is hard work! I mean sure anyone can snap a picture of a cute newborn that's snoozing it's day away....but when you take a picture with a purpose...that's when it gets tricky! I did my very first newborn shoot this past week. I love how I go into something semi-prepared and walk away with this wealth of new knowledge on how to make it better and easier! I now know that I should have 2-3 heaters going on instead of just the one. A bean bag is kind of a must have. A back drop stand will be my best friend! I was fairly happy that I got as many "decent" shots as I did considering this little seven day old didn't sleep a wink! And he was fed so I know he wasn't hungry:) 

Second I learned how much fun shooting sports is! My first born has started soccer(and loves it)! So I snapped on my 75-300mm in hopes of catching him in some cool action. I wasn't disappointed! 

I love the expression on his face! He has had two games since then and I keep snapping away to try and get some nice 'singled out' photos of him in action. It's a little tricky when I've got two other kids in tow that demand attention more than at home...gosh why can't they just occupy themselves!
I don't know...I think the newborn shoot wins it this time. I find myself wishing my friends would hurry up and have the babies they aren't even pregnant with yet so I can take their pictures!

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Lildonbro said...

Ha, yes, I was going to say that I love the expression on his face!

I love your photos!

Chris said...

Holy schnikes...amazing

Courtney said...

I agree newborns are HARD! I did some for friends a few times and have sworn it off now. I'm just not patient enough to wait for the baby to fall asleep! :O) he he Love that second one!! Great expression on your sons face!!!

Jenn said...

Such great photos as always! That baby is adorable! How does your son like soccer?