Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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 It's busy around here and I slacked a tad with my pinterest this week. So I asked my awesome sister in law from Pursuing Perfection to fill in this week. She's a stay at home mom to two crazy kids and is never without some sort of project going on. Which means, something had to give...and right now it's her blog. So if you stop by there and she hasn't updated, just remember it's because she's too busy filling her life with more exciting things:)

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to be here guesting on Meg's little piece of blog-land! Today she asked me to post something Pinterest related, since it is Challenge Wednesday, and she's been so busy with planning for holiday guests that she didn't have time to do any Pinterest inspired projects this week!! So because I can't be there person, the least I could do was be there in Spirit and help take the load off by posting one of my Pinterest projects for the week!

Ironically...this project actually "came before" the pin, this week! That's the beauty of Pinterest however, you can search on literally ANY topic and find all sorts of pins to different websites, and it's awesome! So the pin for this project could have come from a pin like this one:

Found via Pinterest

My husband actually inspired this....I'll be honest and admit that I have been skeptical about the whole " coupon, deal finding" kick that my husband recently ventured into. It really just sounds like a whole butt-ton of work! And I'm already trying to do a billion things at once around here! So when he left for an underway, leaving me with strict instructions to use the coupons for my holiday food shopping this week, I smirked to myself. " Alright honey, I'll try" was all I said, and off he went.

Unfortunately for me, I have this weird thing inside of me that has a REALLY hard time blatantly ignoring a request my husband has made, even when I really....REALLY....want to. So this morning before packing my two hooligans into the car and heading off to the grocery store I gathered the coupons he set aside for me, took a brief glance through the sales flier, and off to the store I went.

And I kid you not...with a stack of coupons that's largest value was fifty cents, I knocked 10$ off my total grocery bill! And every single thing I bought, I was going to buy with or without a coupon! Now ten dollars may not seem like much, but it was a large enough sum to make me blink, and think to myself " Holy Crap! I just saved 10$ without even trying! Maybe he's actually onto something..."

So I came home, put the kids down for naps, and spent the entire nap time ( instead of sewing like I had planned) researching extreme couponing. The site located in the pin above is one of the site I am now following, and spent the better part of 2 and 1/2 hours reading. Another site I found inspired me to make this:

Here's a peak at the inside:

I am a sucker for printables ( they're my favorite pin!!) and this girl made up some really cute category dividers and the cover art that you can print for free here!!

It was really just need to collect the materials:

And put it all together and there you have it! A nifty coupon organizer! It's actually going to be a Christmas gift for my husband. He wanted me to make a coupon wallet for him....which I may still do....but through my research I found that most heavy duty couponers find that wallets can't hold all the coupons they use, so they just cart their binders to the store. Which is funny....because there was one lady at the store today walking around with her coupon binder and I thought to myself  " oh, see, she's using coupons too!" Man, I'm such an amature :)

Anyway....if you're curious about couponing here are the sites that I would recommend in my limited experience of only a few hours of searching :

Money Saving Mom ( I've been following this blog for a while)
The Krazy Coupon Lady
Keeping Life Creative

Thanks Meg, for letting me hijack your blog today! And I hope I've inspired some of you to take the couponing plunge! Now I'm off to go clip...
Pin It!

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