Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I just want to look grownup

 Do you ever go to open houses for the fun of it? I do. I'm not sure what draws me to go into other peoples homes that are for sale. Maybe because you know it's like the only time that anyone's house ever looks that good. And that organized. The downfall is when I leave I feel like my own home(while 90% clean 90% of the time) doesn't have any "ebb and flow". We kind of just buy decent things and leave it at that.

We did better this time. As in, buying varying shades of brown furniture. We think out of the box;) Room accents would be the pile of toys neatly stacked in the corner, my lap quilt on the back of the couch, and cords staring at you from the tv stand. So after feeling inspired to get some cohesiveness...I went to Joanns with a plan.

More brown. Ha! I used some handy dandy home decor velcro to hold up my newly sewn t.v console cover. Now Mr. Hippo isn't so enticed to suck on the PS3 cords and I don't have to stare at the mess behind the curtain. Then the basket. For the toys. It's just big enough to house the baby toys. Which means I make the other kids' toys stay up in their rooms. Win again.

Now all I need is something on the walls so it doesn't look so much like an asylum...

p.s. Day one of November aka the Thankful month= hot showers! 
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Undaunted said...

Very nice Meggs. You should get desert pictures to remind you of what sun looks like plus it matches with the brown. ;)