Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Registering, rewards, consequences

So, the half marathon that I'm going to run is open for registration. I haven't done it yet. Not because I'm chickening out, but because Matt told me to wait. You see, I asked him and encouraged him that he should run it with me. So now he wants me to wait for him, to get in better shape. So the dilemma here is, do I wait or do I go ahead and register since this is my goal? I don't want to pressure him to do it which will turn into him calling me a nag but I also don't want to pay exta money as the time gets closer. So blogger friends....what should I do? I've been thinking a lot about reaching these goals that I have set out for myself. How do I actually achieve them? Should I reward myself? I have tried setting up rewards in the past and have basically decided mentally that it wasn't worth it so I quit. So should there be a consequence? And what kind of a consequence? The only thing that comes to my mind is an awful haircut! So again I ask you...readers of my blog, what should it be? Reward? Or consequence? And what would it be? I'm counting on you to help me. Pass the word that Meggan here in Alaska doesn't want to be a failure anymore so she needs help! Think on it, tell your friends I'm accepting advice and get back to me;)
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Alyx and Derek said...

What half marathon are you thinking of? I want to do one this summer too, post-baby fitness goal....but I haven't run in AGES!

Lildonbro said...

So - not to sound like I haven't forgiven my sister for this - but YEARS ago I waited to sign up for a 10k with her, before I knew it the time was up and we missed out that year.

Couple that with the next thing - I was wishy washy about signing up for the half marathon last year and my friend said, "just do it!" so I signed up right then and there. THAT motivated me to get ready for it way more than just getting ready before signing up. You sign up now - he can pay the increased rate when/if he's ready.

LONG story short - just sign up...today.