Monday, September 10, 2012

Question of the day

How can something so cute...

 Be so very naughty? Oh that's right...because this brilliant person wasn't very good at 'counting' and ended up with kids 15 months apart. Which means...that he's got a very good example to learn from. Including, but certainly not limited to, climbing.

 Climbing to play with big brother.

Or climbing to stuff his face.

Maybe he just feels like causing mayhem. Like asking for more chips only so he can crunch them up into tiny pieces and make an annoying mess.

Or maybe he just wants to chuck his loaded diaper down the stairs to see what happens.

Any mothers out there that use disposable diapers know how much fun these little beads are to clean up. I was at a loss how to clean up so many without spending hours doing it. The hubs suggested the vacuum. Well that worked. Now we get the stale aroma of urine when it gets turned on. Guess who's going to clean the hoses when he gets home?

And if you didn't catch it, little dude got his first haircut!

There are definitely no more babies in my house. And thankfully his naughty behavior is helping keep any more from showing their faces;)
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Breezy said...

Oh my word, that picture in the pantry slayed me! So cute!

Undaunted said...

LOL, Meggs you are doing great. He is a corker and gives you a run for the money, but then life would be to boring if you had a clean house, and time to read, and sew, and craft, right? ;)

Barbara Onianwah said...

ROFL, oh he is soooo cute.
Lagos, Nigeria