Friday, January 15, 2016

Let me tell you about my day yesterday

Yesterday was the equivalent of sticking forks in my eyes. And the climax of the day was when my two school aged children decided that they didn't need to come home from school. 
The blessing of our home now is that I can see the school. So I watch them walk to school and back home. I pick out their red and pink coats and watch the pink coat zig zag all over the path. She goes in the snow, to the sidewalk and back about a dozen times. 

Not yesterday. 

Yesterday they decided to stay and play on the swings. Fine, no big deal. I can see you but I will be speaking sternly when you decide to come home, about the importance of not doing whatever you want.  Fast forward twenty minutes when I see my children walking the OPPOSITE way of home, following another child. 

I just about lost. It.

I am in this new area with three other small kids that can't watch themselves, and I'm watching my other two walk out of my sight. I call Matt in a panic to let him know that I quit being their mother. I can't hand it anymore and I suck and I don't deserve kids because I CLEARLY don't know how to raise them. I hang up with him and then call the number that my son has given me of the friend that I am assuming is the one they are following. 

No answer.

I go back to the window running options in my mind as to how I'm going to locate these kids when I see them walking back towards the house on the main road. Praise the Lord. I opened the window and very loudly told them to GET. HOME. NOW! And then I hear a very panicked response of "...oh oh ok Mom". 
Great blessings that nothing terrible happened and I didn't hurt anyone. But this is yet another situation where I am left without a clue as to how to punish a bad behavior. My kid suffers from the now prevalent complex that he can do whatever he wants and it doesn't matter what the consequence is. Am I missing the mark? Am I really that blind to know what makes him tick and what will work for a consequence to make him 'get it'? If anyone has any advice...please share. 
Until then....I'll be wishing for them to stay babies forever.

And ever. 

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Undaunted said...

Uhg...lots and lots and lots of chores when he walks in the door? The kind where you give him a tooth brush and tell him to scrub the entire toilet kind of chore. You need one of those watches that you can track you kids with until he figures out that walking straight home is preferable to toothbrush scrubbing toilet duty. :(