Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oh heyyyyyy

My favorite part about blogging is when you tell people your are blogging again and then you never update. It's like, yea I want people to know I'm not dead and I'm keeping other humans alive so I spread the word....and then stop. "They" say that you're more likely to stick with something if you tell others about your goals. I think I've missed the mark on that one. 

Good news is, I'm not dead and neither are the tiny humans that call me Mom. They are all thriving quite well actually. 

 This one decided that it would be fun to tip over the flowers and try to eat them. Her face turned yellow from the pollen when I tried to clean her. 

And this one and his brother needed haircuts and I couldn't help but look at him and be amazed at how cute he is. And then he spoke and the moment was over. He's in this 'nothing but whining will do' phase and it's killing me. 

I cleaned the boys' bedroom this morning and found some little delights in a sock drawer. There was some pizza crust, a half of a fig bar, empty wrappers and trash. I could have had lunch. 

And here's a picture of these two nuggets just for the fun of it. 
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