Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When an activity isn't thought out...

Once upon a time I had children that dos basically nothing, except annoy each other. And call each other names. Brat and poop are the big ones right now. And I'm tired of it. And since it is summer that also means that it's a constant battle. So I decided to print out a monthly calendar and pick out an activity a day. Yesterday we went to two new parks and were out for two hours. Not too bad! 

Today...was going to see the Painted Canyon that's part of the T Roosevelt park. I knew there would be some sort of hike there that we could go on and I wasn't wrong. 

Start of the hike: 

Let's keep in mind that it's 82 degrees today and I took us out at 130 in the afternoon. Also, knowing that I was carrying Raegan and that my kids are whiners I decided to leave our water bottles in the car because I wasn't in a position to carry a baby and another 5 lbs worth of liquid...I don't even know where. And it's only a 0.9 mile hike. 

The last 1/4 of the hike Paige starts whining and intermittently crying. Sitting down and wanting to be carried. I am also whining and crying in my mind but one of us had to be an adult/cheerleader and since her brain couldn't handle it, I had to. 

I literally wanted to fall over and make someone come bring me the last tiny bit. Never again. There will be a backpack with water in it carried by a child. 

Every time I had to tell PP we were almost there when it was another stair, I thought about life and how it gets harder the closer you are to being refined that much more. Then you even out on the path, catch your breath, and then another stair on the mountain comes . I am so grateful to know where the path is taking me, and that I have my own heavenly cheerleaders helping me keep going. 

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