Saturday, June 21, 2008

Foster dawg

Hello all. Not too much to report here. Mr. Hubby isn't scheduled home until Wednesday :( That's sad. B and I haven't been doing much. Well...I take that back. We've been pretty busy. I have walked the loop around the neighborhood and highway 3 times this week. It is a 3.2 mile walk. Not too bad. I've been having bad leg aches though. That's kinda the pits. We went to the park this week. He played hard for a little over an hour I'd say. We've eaten a lot of ice cream this week. haha. Tastes awful good, but the scaled doesn't like it. Crap the scale doesn't like anything I eat:)

Anyway. I've got a new foster dog. Her name is Cocoa. I was told she was a he and found out otherwise when I brought her to the vet for a rabies shot. She's got june grass in between her toes. June grass is like a thorny ball thing that's farly small. It's the culprit of many a flat tire on my stroller. So anyway. Those are sore and infected so she's limping. She has a hernia the size of a golf ball on her stomach. And she has a TAIL!!!! I took her to the groomers to get a haircut and a bath cause she was stinky! So here's a before and after shot of her. She isn't the prettiest Springer but she is very sweet.

There she is. Her and Molly are getting along great. She is kind of a crackhead in the house though. Takes her a few veryyyy long minutes to settle down. Kind of annoying. Poor girl is walking on three legs:(

Tomorrow I will give a valiant effort to stay in church the whole time. Hopefully my son cooperates. So till the next post...

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Marc's new place said...

Hey kid. Know what ya mean about church. I have got no excuse though since my kids are gone LOL. Sorry ya hubs gone for so long. Everything else ok though. Didn't realize that you were a foster care for dogs. Thought you took themt to foster. Anyways talk to lyou later.

P.S. I am generally home in the afternoons after about noon so maybe we can chat then.


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

That pup sure looks great after her grooming. I don't know how my girl ended up so beautiful but she is. :) Lay off the icecream. Go for the fruit and remember that your crazy in-laws will fill up your time now that the mamas are home. Luck you. :) Hang in there. Love Ya Stacie