Sunday, June 8, 2008

In Season...

So my family definately recommends seeing Kung Foo Panda. It was very funny. B sat through the whole thing and made sure I was watching it also. We'd be 15 minutes into it and he'd grab my face, "Mommy...wook, it's a bear". It was cute and annoying at the same time. :)

Saturday the old ladies and myself (and the old man!), went to the Weber yard sale. It wasn't all that exciting. They were having a horse show there also. That was cool. Later in the afternoon a Springer volunteer dropped off a foster dog to me. She is very cute. All covered in Freckles. But there was a problem with her was Molly. So I changed it. It's now Brinley. Of course she doens't pay any attention to it or what the heck:)

She seems to be a pretty good girl. A little bit of food/toy aggression. So that will need to be worked on. And...this is the kicker...she's in heat! YAY!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I don't know how long she's been in heat, or if she just started. So I bought her a garment It's special looking.

On the positive side of things, a possible adoptive family came to see her yesterday and they LOVED her. So I'll deal with the mess, get her spayed and then she'll be off to her new forever home. :) Here's a pic of my new foster daughter..
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

It sounds like you had great fun at the movies. We will have to wait for the dollar theater, but that will be a fun family night out. :) Love ya, good luck with all the boys next week. Stacie