Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A...son? I'm not sure it should be ok for me to be completely alone with B all the time...more for his sake than mine:) As you can see by this picture...he is imitating me pretty much down to a T...except I don't wear diapers. But I used too:) That is a sports bra...just so no one thinks it's naughty And then, well...I decided to put pig tails in his hair because Matt and I haven't cut it, so it's quite long. B thought it was pretty neat too:) he is with cute pigtails..only they are on top of his head and not the sides. Too cute I think. And this is a cute towet thingy my mom sent him. And it's big so we can use it next year too! Anyway. That's about it. I'm watching the neighbor kid till next Thursday. Yay. 1130 doesn't come early enough most days...but what else do I have to do I guess? So till then,


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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Too cute! To bad he doesn't have my little camera purse. :) You packed yet? Good luck on your Heritage Maker open house thing. Love Ya, Stacie

the Indian woman said...

My comment is for the last post. That is so sad that your husband is gone so much. Is that b'cos of his work?