Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No bueno

So Matt and I say goodbye to our baby today. I went and had an ultrasound....again...and there was definately no heartbeat. Very heartbreaking. I'm just trying to find comfort in my belief that everything happens for a reason. As comforting as that can be sometimes, it is a struggle to remember when something I've wanted for so long isn't meant to be at this point. And not having Matt around.....really SUCKS! So anyway. Everything else is well. Matt is pretty sure he will be going to Branson,MO within the next week or so. I head off to help my very pregnant sister in law push hers out....:) So at least I'll sorta get a baby fix. That and my neighbor is due in October.....so really...I guess I will have plenty of sweet smelling babies to pretend are my own:) But I'm tired. So till next time,

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Sariah said...

Oh Megan. I am so sorry to hear this. As you know I recently went through the same thing, so if there is anything I can do please holler at me. Looking forward to meeting face to face early next week. Have a safe trip and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

katrina said...

I love you daughter....:) it was nice visiting with you today... take care of you and Beckham and call if you need me..... love Mom

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Love you lady. Know that I am with you in spirit even though I can't be there in body. I bought you a piglet. :) Love you, Stacie