Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's me. I'm here. :) It has been one lazy day for me. Mr. B has been....less than cordial these past 3 days, but today is looking up. I haven't had any major meltdowns yet:) He didn't pee his bed last night so that is exciting! Woke me up at 4ish to go pee...well not really...4 is my usual pee hour..lol. Yesterday we bought him half of his big boy bed. Very exciting! I was able to get a new twin mattress and box spring for $109. Woo-hoo! Now we just need his frame. I'm thinking we will go to deseret because they seem to have the cheapest new beds around....and quality. And we need to buy a new crib mattress for new baby because 1) I would like her to have a new bed 2) I flipped it over the other day and it feels like the springs are coming up....whoops! It's had a good run though...3 1/2 years surviving B, and his parents occasionally sitting on it:) Anyway...

Ksl.com is turning into my new best friend. I was able to get a brand new changing table for $80 and it matches pretty well with our crib. I'm going to try and get my glider/rocker from there also because those puppies aren't cheap new. Like...200+. What else....I'll try for a dresser too, but those pretty well match up price wise...for a decent one. Wow I'm rambling today. :)

I have a Dr's appt tomorrow. Just a general check up. According to my scale I have lost 2 lbs so we will see hwta the devil scale at their office says! I'm pretty sure I feel her moving around and I think she must be big enough by now...because I can feel my belly at diff points and there's a distinct hard area that seems 'babyish'. So that's cool. :) Guess I will put up a pic. So till the next time I feel like babbling....

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The Fletchers said...

You are so adorable!!!! I love you to death!!! Congrats on all of the great deals your finding!!

I miss you tons :/


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Such a cute baby belly! Glad your not dead. :) Good luck with the appointment tomorrow. Love ya, Stacie