Friday, March 27, 2009

a tribute

I want this post to show my undying affection to my hard working husband whom I never see because he is in Maui. :) I appreciate all he does for our family. I'm proud of him for completing 4 years worth of college and having his journeymans license in Utah and Hawaii. He does a great job. I am grateful tht he has endless amounts of patience with me. I just love him. :) AND his sweet overalls:)

His sexy beard he decided not to shave this trip...till he flies home:)

what he does at work...mass amounts of talent right there! It took me 40 minutes to wire up a phone jack exactly the same as it was! lol...granted I am half retarded right now...but still. This crap is meticulous! And I want you to know Matt that I love you and am proud of you and you being an electrian! So till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL I can just see you now attacking the phone jack with some serious tools. :) Your hubby is very hardworking and I am proud of all the hard work you put in being a single mom when he is off hard at work. Love ya

Matt's Blog said...

I love you so much. Thanks for the shout out. Who's the guy with the beard?? Thanks again hunny. Love you

The Fletchers said...

Gosh...what is this Stacie and Marc's blogs? :P

Matt does look great u can't wait for him to come home again huh?

love you and miss you always

Chris said...

Simply stated...true love...goes without saying..buttttt..."Matt's da man!"