Monday, April 27, 2009

wow im updating alot

So I'm here again:) Just to let you all know the excitemnet that is my life:) What'd I do today....alot actually. But mostly chores...youknow the boring stuff. But amidst doing my chores, my son grabbed the scissors from Matt's grooming kit and decided to cut his hair! I didn't catch on to this however until I was at the MIL's sewing and looked at his head. Asked him what happened and he said he used Dad's haircut. lol. I need to get a picture of it...meant to, but forgot. But i do have a video of him learning to ride his new "big boy Bike". So please enjoy. Excuse the annoying voice in the background:)

I also was able to sew up a kit I bought from Joanns. Mind you...I did cut and pina nd all that by myself. It wasn't all pre-done. I want to branch out and make other things. I actually really want to find a pattern tp make the baby nightgowns that just have elastic at the bottom...but I'm retarded when it comes to finding things on the internet. So if anyone is more blessed than I at finding free patterns...please forward them! So...anyway, heres the picture of my new project

Ok. I think I'm doen for this post. till then,


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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOLOLOL B is soooo funny!

Katrina said...

It has been a week hasnt't it??? thanks again for taking me to Joanns today, I got it done and will show it to you tomorrow.