Sunday, May 17, 2009

mess of pictures:)

Ok here we go! This is a picture of our finally planted rose bushes. Matt and I planted them last night. I put some miracle grow for rose bushes that's got bone meal in it so I am a little nervous that the neighbors dog might get frisky with them. All was well last night maybe we're good.

This picture is of the wood flower that I did at the neighbors house. I say i did it...but I kind of suck at using tools....I ten to hurt myself:) But I used the sander and helped hold the board while my neighbor cut. I know...don't hurt myself:) lol. She put hers on a stick and then in her front garden area. I didn't think it would look right so...I hung mine on some twine and put it on the front door...voila:) It was alotta fun.

And here is the Magnolia tree that finally found a home! lol...Matt likes that it's in the middle of the yard. "something else to mow around". pfffff!

And here we have a child that was supposed to be taking a nap! We put some balmex on his face last night because it gets really dry. Well apparently he needed some today and took it upon himself to apply it. LOL. It's really really hard to reprimand when he looks like an apache warrior. LOLOLOL.
Last but not least...I a picture of me at 25 weeks and 6 days. Looking a little pokey:)

So here you have it. The picture update. Hope you enjoy! Till then,
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Your plants look good and I love your door flower! Too cute. Your belly's getting BIGGER! She is growing like a weed and we haven't even seen her face yet. lol

The Fletchers said...

The flower is really cute :) Good job...and you look radiant!! Miss you...can't wait to see you!