Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sleeping babes

Sleeping babies are so cute...with their eyes all rolling back in their heads and mouth twitches:) C is a very good sleeper. We have been having just as good luck with her as we have with B. It has been very nice. She seems to be putting on weight which is also good and I am pleased to report that she is having bowel movements:) She also loves her hair being washed. I need to take a video of it with my camera:) As for the mother of these 2 fine individuals...I am doing good. I'm grateful for the fact that I don't seem to suffer from the baby blues. I had one day where I was a little overwhelmed, but I think that's because I caught a cold and was really tired. Other than that I'm chipper:D Jen left today. We are sad to see her go but know that she really was ready to get home and get back to her routine with her daughter. Her parents leave in about 3 weeks I think it is to go back East and make the yearly visit. I'm bummed I can't go. Well, I could, but it would definitely be very interesting. And I think I would miss Matt too much,...and his help :P So instead we are going to soak up the "vacation" away from his Anyway. Hope everyone is doing well and know that we love you! Till then,

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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Glad to here that C is sleeping well for you and that your doing good. I love that lime green outfit she is in. :)