Tuesday, October 6, 2009

another trip to Idaho :)

Well we went Idaho again:) It was another good trip. B and S played good together again. I laughed to myself because it seems like when we go up there I don't see my son all weekend:) It was conference, and I'm sorry to say that I didn't watch it as diligently as I should have. So today during my "doing nothing on the computer" time, I put it on. I will agree with Stacie on Bednar giving a good talk. I find myself being "embarrassed" to say I love you to anyone outside of Matt, B, and C. I need to work on it obviously,....but don't expect miracles people! lol.
Baby C has had an off day today. Taking mini one hour naps. I'm happy she's at least napping, but I wish it was her 2-3 hour ones. hmph. Other than that....I am starting dinner anywhere from 2-4 these days. I find it easier to get it prepared and and schtuff early on. Makes me more productive in what I am actually fixing for dinner, and dessert:) I made a pumpkin bread with crumbly top yesterday. It was very good. I sent the rest of it with Matt to work so I didn't eat it all today:)
But anyway. Baby needs her mommy:) Here's a couple pics from the weekend...enjoy:)

2 BFF's :)

lol...definitely a glimpse into my future eh:)
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

ROFLOL I love the last picture! She is so indignent. Sorry she has been such a pill today. Loved having you too. :) Love Ya!