Monday, February 15, 2010

New and exciting in the world of Catanzaros? Not much. The kids and I have been fighting off a cold that my dear son gave to us. I love primary and the break it gives it me...but really, the risk of getting sick is annoying. I don't get colds all that often, but when I do, they kick my butt:(
Other than that...we ventured down to IKEA this weekend. Oh my! That store is awesome:D I'm not sure why I do these things to myself though. Stores like that really tear at my "home" strings and make me wish that Matt and I didn't suck so much:) All in due time I guess.
We were extended a church calling this Sunday. But due to the fact that we haven't officially been called, you will have to build up anticipation as to what it is:P I will say that my thoughts on the matter are less than over-excited. :/
On a personal fluctuating weight is bothering me. Weight in general bothers me. I'm having a hard time losing. I have somehow lost the little bit of drive I had a few weeks ago. So I am hoping to find it again and put it to good use. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice most of the week so maybe I can get out.
I tried out a fairly different recipe last night for dinner. You can see the recipe here. It has sauerkraut in it. Never had that before. It was good:)

I took this picture of my girly. I know everyone says she looks like her dad....but this looks like to could have been taken in 1985! (meaning, it could be me:P)

Isn't it cute how much she "looks up" to her brother:) She really is quite enthralled with him. Watch out B...your im-mobile sister is going to drive you crazy when she is mobile:)

So that's about it...till then,
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Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I'll put in my guess for nursery leaders. :) As to the weight, one day at a time, that's all you can do, so don't be so hard on yourself. Love ya

Katrina said...

Fun pictures of the kids, they are growing so fast. As far as the cold is concern I can feel your pain, I came down with it yesterday full blown, feeling lousy, and not much energy. I was able to drop 2 pounds so far this week, after gaining 5.8 last week, we will see how friday goes. You will get your drive back as spring comes, don't be too hard on yourself as Staice said, it takes alot of time. Love you all....

Meghann said...

I don't know how you liked Ikea, I went there once and wanted to have a panic attack! It was so confusing! But I also bet a Long Island Ikea is a LOT more busy then, well... Utah... lol