Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well my friends. I am cooking. Different things. And it's awesome:) I realized today that cooking is fun to me when it's something different. Sure I could cook the same chicken and veggies all the time...and hear my husband give me crap about that being all we ever eat, but why? Why give him one more opportunity to harass me:) Now, if dinner sucks it won't be because it's the 'usual', it will be because it's different and we didn't know what it was going to taste like:) Tonight I made Mexican-style ravioli. It was pretty tasty. And it was really quick. The longest part was boiling the ravioli....seriously....quick:)

I took some pictures of my kids today...what's new right? :P I've got Corel up and running so I have been playing with it today. I created my first,of many, watermarks. I've still got some bugs to figure out...but I'll get there. These two are the only ones that are done being edited...for the moment. So enjoy:)

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Katrina said...

great job

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Look at that tounge! I bet she can touch her nose with that. LOL