Saturday, March 20, 2010


My wonderful husband decided a few weeks ago that he really "needed" an iphone. He has had this need since they came out but didn't take the plunge until his friends at work all got one and were playing on them constantly. Peer pressure:) I have to say that I was reluctant to get one because they really do alot of things that I didn't think I would need. Which...I certainly don't spend all day looking for new and awesome apps. There is one feature that has been quite handy I have found. It's the "note" app that comes standard. Beckham is forever doing funny things that I tell myself I need to write down so I don't forget...and by the end of the brain wave...I have forgotten. Go figure! SO I write down the gist of these funny situations, just enough to jog my memory of what happened. And I'm glad I have. I find myself thinking about my kids and how many awesome experiences I have on a day to day basis. So much that I wish I could set up a video recorder to record all day everyday so I don't forget anything. I really am a big sap. Or as a speaker at my Relief Society thing said "I'm such a boob"!
So to this "boob's" point...I want to write these things down on my blog to share and to also have a 90% full  account of the experience.

My son has a very good imagination. So much that he does this role playing with me or someone and for the next week...or month he wants to play this "game" again. We have the 'phone game' which is where he pretends to talk to his grandmother via sneakers and go places...Jo-anns has been the place of interest as of late...not sure why though;) But this new one he came up with is a "news channel guy". He pretends to tell us the news and any other random thoughts that pop up into his head. Well being the person and mother that I am...he was talking to the viewers about watching the video of the house burning down. Lol, so I was asking my news channel guy how the house,....noooo it was "destroyed". Ok..I was asking him how it got destroyed. He told me a gun did it. I said nooo a gun can't destroy a house. Lol...and he did his getting flustered thing and started demanding we watch the show. Somehow I told the news channel guy that he was a weirdo:) He turns to me...with his viewer(Grammy) watching and says "she's the weirdo"! It was pretty funny. Funny enough that I wanted to remember it:) But since I've written a book tonight, you'll have to wait for the next installment of "my life as a stay at home mom". :) But here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment! Till then, 

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Katrina said...

Meggan I am honored that you wrote about our play time with Beckham. He and I have a great time and I wouldn't change it for the world. These are the best moments.... and a life time of memories.

Jen said...

That is great :) B is hilarious :) I can't WAIT to see you guys in just a few short weeks!!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Your kiddo is a cracker! LOL You sound tired. Hope you are feeling okay. Love C's headband. :)