Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little things

Do you ever want to stab a fork in  your eye? Yea, me neither. I do however imagine flying off the side of the highway while I'm driving. lol. Don't's only a fleeting thought...I've never thought about it enough to try:) 
I have put up most of the pictures on facebook. I'm too lazy to put them on here too. That's the problem with all these social networks! -sigh- 
So life isn't quite normal yet. I am just now,today, doing our laundry. The son's bag is still sitting on the living room floor waiting to be put away. Sad. Oh well. I went grocery shopping today. It was thrilling because what would cost me almost $200 at wal-mart, only cost $122 at Winco! Yippee! I's the little things:) 
My baby is crawling now! She has also popped out a bucky beaver tooth on the top gum. Hehe. It amuses me. Her crawl is quite amusing too. She gets excited and stutters her movements.
Had my Dr appt yesterday. Everything went well. I was up a few too many pounds. I blame it on sitting in the car for a loooong time:) So my goal is to not gain anything for my next appt. I can do it...I can do it. My doc came in and asked if I was ready to find out what we were having. "no". Ok, well I'm glad you told me. So that temptation has been averted! The last one will be in 5 weeks for the anatomy u/s. It shouldn't be a problem though. I really think we have the willpower and excitement for it to be a surprise. Sorry! :) ok. I'm done for now. Till then,

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Jen said...

We miss you guys a lot... and good for you for keeping it a surprise :) It'll be super exciting come December :)

love u!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

You sound tired. :/ Hope you are able to get yourself in gear and enjoy the sunshine that is finally here. As to the surprise, you know my feelings on that. Makes it very hard to make anything. LOL You need to post some crawly pictures of the little one. ;)