Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life goes on

We have successfully made it home! The drive home went smooth and we didn't have any problems...very exciting. I have pictures galore...well maybe not galore, but I have them. I will be posting them on here and facebook shortly. 
Vacation was good. Spent some quality time with my cute niece in CT. She is quite the character and gives her mother a run for her money. I also got to see her new brother who is also cute...but makes me feel like I'm holding his father as a baby! lol. The poor little guy caught the cold that was going around and started with my son. It's no fun when little babies get sick. It was bad enough that my baby caught it and is still fighting the nasty cough it came with:/ 
N.H. was great. I really enjoyed having Matt there with me this time around. I think it helped certain folks not be quite as bitter towards me. He's also a great set of hands:) We did some fun stuff and when I get some pictures up I'll narrate for you. Some of the things were, shopping in a state with no sales tax!, Squam science center, & swimming. I had a hard time leaving this time. My mom and I had a really good time and didn't "fight" once. :)
Maine was also good. We got to celebrate Miss Courtney's 15th birthday with her and attend a baby shower for one of the cousins who is having twins as their first parenting experience! Good luck to them! Grammy and Grandpa looked great. Matt and I talked about how his grandmother never changes. It's comforting:) 
But now we are home and back to reality. Laundry, dishes, groceries, Dr appts, waiting for Matt to lose his job, you know...the normal stuff. :) As far as pregnancy goes, it's been better. I get frequent headaches with this one attributed to not enough water, and being more tired from having to chase two instead of one:) I am 15 weeks now and it's gone by fast. I am still fitting into regular pants which is a HUGE accomplishment! I'm hoping to get diet and exercise back on track now that we are home so I can continue feeling not quite like a beached whale...yet;) Ok, enough yacking. Till the pics,

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Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

I'm glad you had such a fun trip! I'm not sure if going home in September will be less stressful or not but for now I guess we're enjoying it here in Alaska! One of my first orders of business when we get back is to get together with you guys! I still think it's crazy that we live in the same state and haven't seen each other once!! Also what's your soon to be child's gender? Have you guys found that out yet? Glad you're back safe!

Marcus and Stacie said...

Glad everyone is home safe and sound. :) I hope to see your fun time soon.