Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sleeping 2

So I think everyone is aware now that we are staying at my in-laws. They have a five bedroom home but we are staying in the dungeon as some put it. This works for me. It's a place to let the kids run around like banshees when they are hyper. A place to send the eldest to watch tv when I'm about to rip my eyes out. And generally just where I'd rather be. It works out perfectly. Except. At. Bedtime. 
Last night was a rather special one as you could tell from my post. Sorry about that. For starters, the last week or so has been rough because my baby has been teething, which has caused loose stools. I know...TMI. But it's relevant to my insanity. Her bum is red and has open sores on it from the numerous BM's she has a day. I have quit counting because it has already started making my eye twitch. I am using baby powder, and Balmex, and Desitin, and a bath in baking soda. whew...back to the point. She likes to have one of these movements after I put her in bed...for like the past week. She can't just go to sleep because she is sharing a room with her brother. They like to entertain each other. Cute right? No. Especially when I have a cramped back from all this diaper changing business and want to use the jetted tub down in my dungeon:) So I get done blogging and go to get in the bathroom and my eldest is peeking out of his room, with a green shirt on. you've got to be freaking kidding me  So I stomp up the stairs and into his room. He has on his church shirt, a tie, dress pants, and shoes with no socks on...over his pj's. "what are you doing? it's time for bed"!!! "FINE! I am not going to church ANYmore". "No you aren't...because church isn't at night"!!! 
I make him get undressed and get a faint whiff of poo. C if you've freakin pooped again I'm going to kill myself. -smell- you have GOT to be joking me!!!!! So I take sore bottom girl and change her yet AGAIN, all the while cursing her butt:) Get her back in bed, and threaten my son with a spanking if he doesn't go to sleep. An older child would have mocked me because it has been a very long time since I have spanked him and it's now an empty threat. I left. And went to my rocking chair. Wanting to cry but not. I'm hoping for a better night tonight. One with a little less poop and more sugar plums dancing in heads. Till the next fun-filled adventure,
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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOL, clearly Megg they are in cahoots to make you insane. This too shall pass (no pun intended) and you will be more able to cope with the next adventure. Just think you can come share the joy with me on Monday. :) Can't wait to see you.

Jenn said...

Man I wish you had told me all this last night...we could have laughed about it then :) Definitely made me chuckle out loud:)

And very entertaining writing btw...I LOVE the insertion of your actual thoughts:) u should do that more often:)

Abbie said...

Oh you poor thing.. :( It's no fun to have to have to do things all alone. I'll email you...

Alia Ramer said...

Don't be hard on yourself, or them. They are being age appropriate, and thank goodness you sniffed it out or her little bum woulda been raw in the morning!

Good luck - my two big ones, 12 and 10, go down by themselves now and the 6 year old still stretches out bedtime, but I try to enjoy it, it is fleeting in the larger view.