Thursday, February 24, 2011

ohhhh Maui

Yes, I am revisiting Maui this week. It's going to be a blast. I am going to bask in the sun. I will certainly be more careful than last time and not get burned my first few days there.

The water in Hawaii is heavenly. Seriously. I have never enjoyed the ocean quite as much as when I was here.  

The sunsets are always gorgeous. I didn't do them any justice, however, with my pictures. This was outside of Bubba Gump's restaurant in Lahaina. I think when I go this time I will stay in Lahaina. Ka'anapali is GORGEOUS!!! The picture of the beach is from there. Yes, this is where I will stay. 

And maybe I'll make it to the top of Haleakala volcano. This was half-way up the mountain. We didn't go all the way because there was some serious cloud cover. Which would have done no good to see a view.

AND since it is the "rearing up calves" season....I expect to see a fair amount of humpback whales again. They swim all the way down from Alaska's frigid winter waters to have babies in the Hawaiian islands. And because I'm so spoiled I'll get to see them again this summer in Alaska! Oh I'm super excited again to go!

Any takers on this trip?
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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Sounds heavenly, when do we get to go? ;)

Jenn said...

I will go I loved Hawaii and that is a trip we will always remember, you all were so sweet to send us that year. ( 40th is next year...humm) ya

Jenn said...

did it again... of course Jen was on my computer once again... sorry.

Jenn said...

Hahahaha...Yeah I'm sorry about that :) Your picturs were still beautiful meg...I'm sure that it would be fun for you to go back there!

I hope that you're doing alright...

Nana S. said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them and your good times. We will just enjoy the Islands from your inviting description. Who knows, maybe some day you will follow the Humpback and fimd yourself there again one day. It sounds like a lovely vacation spot.

alex said...

wow beautiful beach and sea..

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