Saturday, February 19, 2011

who's worse?

Our schedule thus far has been to go grocery shopping, as a family, on Saturdays. This will be ending. We can never seem to get out of the house more than an hour before lunch. So by the time we get there the children are starting to turn into the savages we all know so well. And then there's the spouse. I love nothing more than to spend time with him. Seriously. But the whole time we are out I worry about keeping the kids under control so they don't irritate Dad. They can/do irritate me all the time...I'm used to it. Matt on the other hand...really only has so much patience. Between every one and their brother being at the store, B asking for a toy, over, and over and over again, miss C whining because she's hungry along with baby C. ...we all want to rip each others heads off 15 minutes into it. So I get all flustered and end up taking twice as long to find things, or remember what I need to get and then we always seem to forget something.
So I think, I have decided, that I am going to take Saturday morning and have some Zen time by myself in the car. Because the grocery store is pretty much the only place I know how to get to. And since we don't have our cell phones anymore(heavy sobbing) I won't be able to be called....or texted. Oh.My.Gosh! Just think how many arguments we will have on this day when Mom takes 5 hours to buy food! -insert evil laugh-

In other seems that all of our children are sick now. I have been fighting it valiantly with only a slight sore throat. Go me! Baby C continues to get up twice a night :'( If he continues with this trend till the end of March then I'm going to ask the kids' pediatrician if I can start feeding something of more substance. If she says no...I may have to anyway. I need sleep!!! And...I secretly want a big chunky kid! lol. him like a shar pei isn't the most fun thing to do. Ok, I think it's time to make a getaway! Till then,
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Jenn said...

hehehehe cleaning him like a shar pei :) that's funny!

And i think you SHOULD go shopping by yourself on Saturday!!! Every mommy needs time to herself!!

Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

LOL, all those rolls on rolls. :) As to the shopping, you go girl, literally! lol I think it will be good for you and good for daddy to enjoy his kiddos or at the very least learn how to not kill them. ;)

Nana S. said...

NO CELL PHONES ?????? What happened? Doesn't Alaska have have that available? Friday evening was my shopping time when the kids where young and believe me it was my respite time. The kids loved being taken care of by Dad....he baked and they did whatever they wanted to do. But it was worth it. ;-)

Katrina said...

Run Mommy run... you do it girl, I think that is the answer to many things going on in your life. Now as far as Conner, well he is just a big little guy and sweet as he can be.I think after 3 months old if he is still waking up in the night I would feed some cereal at that point, that what we use to do in the "old days".