Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Losing talents

I will have to agree and say that is really is true that if you don't practice the talents that have been given you by the supreme being...you lose them. I am referring to sewing. 
We have been able to sell some of our stuff in Utah.(we have a storage unit there costing us money) With the money we have made I've been able to get my in-laws to pack up and send us some stuff that we (I) have wanted. One of the big things was my sewing machine. Between having to fix pants, and darting a skirt that is way to big for Miss C, there's been some projects I've wanted to do also. A quiet book being on the top of my list. So to make a long pointless story longer and even more pointless, it's been a while since I have used my machine. Before Christmas last year I think.
I'm not proclaiming to be the worlds best sewer, just take a look at some stuff I've made, but I enjoy it. Making something from scratch and having people think you're like...amazing, is pretty neat. :) So I pulled it out tonight. (my machine people!) I wanted to make a 'baby doll sized' blanket for my daughter because trying to use one of her blankets to wrap up a doll that is, surprisingly smaller than her, is a pain. And if I can make the tantrums less and give me a moment of peace...I'm going to do it!
I used a cotton material and some minky. I know that it is easier to use a quilting foot with minky because it feeds through the machine sooo much better than without. I forgot, however, how to properly put the foot on. So when I started sewing the fabric wasn't going anywhere. Duh! I need to put the feed teeth down.
Putting the teeth down doesn't do anything when using the quilt foot. Only when free-motion sewing. Way off base here.Well what's the problem? Put the feet back up. Hmmm. Well you big smart person you, you forgot to put the arm on the shank for the foot to actually go up and down properly. Yah. Special. 
The whole point is that, if you have a talent, practice it. If you don't you may just think you aren't any good and should just quit. That is usually how I end up quitting so many things. It's a vicious cycle in my brain:) But I am glad I have my machine and can practicing making things so that I can feel good about myself. And so I can remedy melt downs with a simple quick stitch. 
This is what she gets

Now to make some clothes for the exhibitionist doll!

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Undaunted ~ My Life One Day at a Time said...

Nice blanket. :) Glad she won't be totally nakie any more.

Nana S. said...

Half the fun is in the undressing of the doll.....all in the learning process. Beautiful blanket however. Glad you have your machine to use again because you do so well and get so much satisfaction from the accomplishments. Love to all.

Katrina said...

Nice blanket Meggan and I am proud of you that you figured it out with out me there...(LOL) Now for the baby clothes don't bother she is just going to want the baby undressed any way all little girls do. :)Blankets are important tho....

Lildonbro said...

Nice looking blanket you got there.