Saturday, May 7, 2011

Expanding my job titles

So it turns out that I may have a lucrative career as a wood worker. OK, not really but I was fairly crafty today with a 'do it yourself' box that I picked up at Joanns today. My mothers sent me some money for my birthday and I haven't gotten anything crafty since I've been here and there have been some things that I have needed and wanted.

Exhibit A would be a toy box for the kids. B has killed one of the plastic totes that we brought up here with us for his toys, and it seems like getting them in the tote at the end of the day is too difficult. (Yes, I know a toy box won't help but at least it will make me feel better when I'm picking them up at the end of the day!)
So I present to you:

super cheap and cheesy, made in China, wood box that I stained, lacquered, and painted!!

Exhibit B would be all the gosh darn hair clips that have been hanging out in the bathroom with no place to go. I had these cute frames much like these, but not quite as awesome:) But alas, they were left behind. So, wanting to make the most of my extra cash I found some frame mats that were on clearance for .97! I knew I had a hot glue gun, ribbon and tacks. Put it all together and VOILA!!!


Cute eh? I was proud of myself. So since I was super productive today...what have you all done?
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Matt said...

I think you did an outstanding job. I am sorry I was not very helpful and strung out when I did help. I don't know why I get like that. I will keep trying to fixing. Sorry for everything. Happy Mother's Day tomorrow. You are the best Mother ever and our kids and I are extremely lucky to have you around. I love you so much. Your craftiness is extremely handy.

Jenn said...

I love the hair clip frames. Gracilyn thanks you (even though she doesn't know it yet) because I am totally making her some of those now. The toy box is cute too. Is the paint chalkboard paint? Happy Mother's Day!!

Undaunted said...

Nothing so creative as that. I got cake from the devil store for mothers day and watched Thor. :) You stuff looks great! Happy Momma Day!

Katrina said...

Meggan, very crafty weekend I would say... and you sound like you really enjoyed being productive this weekend.I am happy you had a nice day doing that. It was so nice to talk with you all yesterday too. Love you lots....

Lildonbro said...

That's super cute! I don't have children and I don't wear bows - but if you know a good way to keep your necklaces in check please share!

Hope you have a great mother's day!