Friday, May 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and BEARS oh my!!!!

 Alaska is known for it's bears. Dying by one was not a preferred way of death for me. See this post. So since I have realized the danger of this state that I live's kind of amazing that I dared take my exercise outside...on trails. I think the fact that we are almost smack dab in the middle of the city, has given me a false sense of security when it comes to any danger. Of the animal kind that is. So imagine my surprise(and almost failed bowel control) when my friend and I were walking next to a baseball field and she says "there's a bear over there".


Yes, there was indeed a black bear no more than 200 yards away!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!! I'm just glad that there was a big dumpster full of trash, that wouldn't put up a fight, between us and her! I don't believe I have ever looked behind my shoulder so much in my life. 

Needless to say that we bought a can of bear spray that night in preparation for the next mornings run. 

You can check it out here.

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Undaunted said...

LOL, The "Wilds" of Alaska seems to have taken on new meaning. I thought he moose would have given it away. ;) Glad you were not tastier than trash.

Katrina said...

Wow that was really fun to watch but I am sure it wasn't at the time. That bear was the size that was on our back patio in NH when it got into our trash...:)You will learn to deal with all the wild animals there in AK before much longer, just don't let them eat my grand babies.

Jenn said...

I had no idea there was such a thing as bear spray, but I would have a can glued to my hand. If nothing else, it will encourage you to start running VERY fast!

Lildonbro said...

I would have been looking over my shouler a lot too!