Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get what you pay for

Our move up here has called us into a plan of action. That action is getting the most bang for our buck. But this comes into question with deciding whether to buy generic or name brand. I am not a "brand whore" as some like to call it. I used to be...and I feel that ugly head rise once in a while but for the most part I've got it under control. 
While saving money is always awesome...the question that pops into my mind is "at what cost of sanity is  this going to be"? Now I haven't always thought that...until recently. Since prices are pretty outrageous here we have found that Costco is our best friend when it comes to cost effectiveness. The milk is cheaper, the hamburger, the peanut butter, and the paper towels. Oh the paper towels.
The paper towels that we chose to purchase are the Nature's choice-100% recycled select a size. I love select a size. The little quarter sheet does me perfectly to use at lunch and for most other things...which makes the roll last a lot longer.And since they were 3-4 dollars was a win-win right?

I hate these paper towels.

I have never in my life wanted to throw something away so badly. Every time I rip my little quarter splits. It either splits right away, or in the middle, or right at the end when I think I have out smarted it! It doesn't usually matter how I rip still splits. Do you have any idea how frustrating it just want a nice clean ripped sheet of paper towel...and all your hopes and dreams come crashing down when that doesn't happen? Yea, me neither. But it does irritate me to no end. 
Quick. Simple. That's how it should be.
But since I am not wasting things...I will wait as patiently and as calmly as I can for these to be gone. And then when I go to buy more...I'll let my "brand whore" monster make an appearance so that I can save the sanity that is too expensive to replace:)

So please tell me....are there things that you have found that require a "brand" purchase over the off brand?

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Nana S. said...

yes, yes, yes.....flour, baking powder, shortning and powdered sugar for cooking....the difference is in the taste :-) Also the paper towels.....I too like the select-a-size also ;-)

Jenn said...

We never scrimp on paper towels or toilet paper :) plenty of other things but no...not the paper products :)

Undaunted said...

We just don't use paper towels. Save my sanity greatly, unless I am cleaning up nastiness that I just want to throw away. Even then I just use my mangy rags and that seems to work just fine. ;0