Thursday, May 26, 2011

eating sophisticated food

I am a sweet potato kind of girl. Plain, buttered, mashed, or put into a sweet potato pie is how I roll. Apparently my baby doesn't agree. His reaction to the sweet, smooth taste of them...'huuuuugghhh". I don't know if that represents the gag reflex but I tried! Ha! Yes, his little face scrunches up, the mouth makes an "o", and the tongue comes out just a tad...and then the huuugggghhh. Lol! But I will not easily be deterred! I coaxed him into eating pretty much the whole jar-minus the few spoons that made their way to my mouth weren't fit for eating. I have to make sure he gets his veggies because, if I were to just feed him yummy fruits, I fear that his butter-ball self will just continue to grow at an out of control rate! I mean...the boy's already working on his Michelin man look! And he has just discovered his toes this week...oh my gosh I don't remember thinking babies eating toes was as cute as it is!!!! Check it out! Frankly...I'm in awe that the boy can even lift his leg that high!

did you see the sausage legs he's sporting?!
I love macaroni and cheese. 
No really. I need to stop kidding myself when I think I'm not going to eat it and that I will have a salad instead. I think that because I always make it with hot dogs...and the only and I mean ONLY time I will eat a hot dog is if I'm pregnant and it's the only thing available to shove in my famished mouth! Back to the point...whenever I make said dinner I typically plan on eating something less processed. (but I feed the super processed to my kids? really?) ANYWAY....I made up dinner for the older two and made up some sweet taters for the baby and got them all fed before I fed myself. Then I had a bite of the leftover mac and cheese,which was a generous amount because my kids...well...they're kids.

And then the pan was empty. 

Do you know what happens to kids that eat hot dogs and mac and cheese...and then the older one drinks the juice in a fruit cocktail can(huuuuggghhh-gag me)? They act like this,

Then they go to bed at normal time and continue to play in their room until 930 pm. That is 2 1/2 hours!!!!!! Go to freaking sleep already!!!!! No? Ok....I will! 

Good night! Well, after Desperate Houswives of course!
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Nana S. said...

Your always make me chuckle. Mr. C eating his toes made me want a taste too......and I am with him with the sweet potatoes ;-( altho I have come to like them lately. Watching the other two dance made me want to dance with them. Stay happy with your is too short to not enjoy the journey.

Jenn said...

Lol sounds like u had a great evening :) wanna switch kids for a bit?? Love u!!