Thursday, May 19, 2011

The good the bad and the ugly

Yup, Matt is leaving again. For some reason I was under the impression that he wasn't going to be traveling since he did get a job in the office. But alas...our time has come. Saturday is the day that I start counting down the days till his return. It's a three week stint, then home for a week and a half. If things in the office are still running as slowly as they have been, then he will go back up.
I try to keep my head up and think of all the positives. Like we will finally be able to pay off all the stupid hospital bills that nag at us. I can stay up and work on projects and not feel bad. It's the summer time so we won't be stuck in the house. B starts soccer soon so hopefully he won't be quite so wound.
Of course there are a million things I can think about that just start me in a downward spiral of life sucking beyond all control....why do that to myself?!?!?! The kids certainly don't need a mother that has no patience with them and would rather just sit in a dark hole than be pleasant. lol. Not that I ever do that.
So I will read my CS5 help book, Christlike parenting, Matched, and the Explosive child. I think I will also do some sewing, crocheting and possibly even make myself a skirt with my friend Amanda who lives across the street.
One thing that's really going to chafe my chaps is exercise. No more peaceful morning runs outside with the moose and bear. No, it's back to the boring treadmill. There goes the negativity again! The treadmill was my friend before the outdoors, so I can't be hating on it now! Ooooh maybe I'll blog about super awesome stuff and gain some more followers since all the blogs I follow are leaving me in the dust! some inspiration Meggoooooo! Till then, good night!
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Jenn said...

There's the positive attitude I'm looking for :) hey... And don't forget the night time skype sessions!!

Undaunted said...

Day at a time Meggs. You will make it through this too. Adapt and grow. Love you bunches ... Stacie

Katrina said...

You will do fine and the time will really fly even if it doesn't seem to on a day to day bases. I will be hear waiting for you to give us all the updates on how each day is going. Love you and kiss the kids for me.