Saturday, May 21, 2011

Au Revoir

We just dropped the hubs off at the airport. T-minus three weeks! Right now Miss C and Mr C are in their beds to nap and Mr B is outside playing. I try to get him to stay in my room for some quiet time but I'm thinking that making him go outside for "quiet time" is my best bet. He usually finds a way to disrupt both of the other two's naps which does nothing for my mood. If having him go outside works maybe I will get through the 1 1/2 hours without hearing"Mom, can I come out yet" or the "did you call me"?
So what to do with myself for the rest of today....hmmmm. I think the park is a good idea. Walking to the park is also a good idea because 1)it will save me some gas 2) loading and unloading kids is a tiring enough task to have to voluntarily want to do it! 
Tomorrow is church so that will take  up a good bit of the day. It also means I am going to watch some John Wayne! My neighbor is letting me borrow North to Alaska and I'm pretty excited about it! OK...I'm boring myself. I'll end on a cute note:)
and yes his pants are unbuttoned because he just ate and he's a bit of a porker:)

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Matt said...

Well the hubs will miss you. I think having b go outside is a great idea. Probably get you some more alone time then normal. They didn't have me on the papers to be flying up so I was like no big deal Ill just go home but unfortunately they worked it out I love you guys and hope you have a few wonderful weeks. Can't wait to come home.
Xoxo hubs

Jenn said...

Ummmm Mr. C is adorable :) and you made me laugh out loud at his pants being unbuttoned :) Sounds like you had a fairly productive afternoon with all the walking and the park playing. How did things go with B being outside?? Where does he play outside? just curious :)

3 weeks will go faster then you think.

I love and miss you

Undaunted said...

Mister Cutie Pants is getting way big. ;) I love the hat. Just take it all a day at a time. On another note, don't mix orange and lime jello. It comes out looking like not so nice baby poop. Tastes pretty good though. :)