Sunday, May 15, 2011


Some days/weeks blogging just takes a back seat. 
It takes a back seat to reading. I have been doing a bit of that. I finished (finally) the third book in the series These is my Words. I found that after I read the first book, that it really felt done to me. When I realized that there were two other I was somewhat hesitant about reading them. Did I really want to taint the ending that I thought was perfect? Well I did. This last book was good. I enjoyed the way the author wrote them.
I also finished the seventh book in the Maise Dobbs series. I love these books! I love the fact that they are set back in the 1930's and include as many realistic details as possible. I have googled a few things from them and learned things about the 'Great War' that you don't learn about in school. I also love how the author kept to the era in her writing. There is no language and when you read the intense sections it's not gory. Now I've got to figure out when I'm going to read the 8th, and latest installment, that my Aunt sent me for my birthday.  If you are ready for a new series I highly recommend it! 
I have been, thus far, unable to find the books you guys suggested for me. They are always checked out!!! It's almost half-way through the year and my total so far is 12. Wow...that's it? Boo! I can't even cont the book club read 'The Secret Life of Bees' because I have already read it! I gotta get on the ball. Do you think I can count self help books? Like photography ones? Let me know your opinions my friends! 
Blogging also takes a back seat to family. I mean obviously. We have been trying to do more things on weekend so so that a certain male figure in our house isn't so cranky/hyper. So yesterday we went to a park at a school. I took along the camera and snapped some cute ones....but I am behind in helping my SIL edit some pictures she sent me. So that's on the back burner also. I am just a big can of lame-o! :) I've got to get myself organized! 
On a side note I have been running in the morning with a neighbor and it has been great! She is pushing me out of my comfort zone and not letting me quit when it gets a little tough.
And another note, lol, I LOVED your comments on my last post! I didn't think it was going to be nearly as funny as it was! I thought you would just chuckle at the nothingness that was there, and instead, wrote about refreshing your browsers a few hundred times! Ha!! I appreciate you my readers and sticking in with my insanity!

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Undaunted said...

I have been reading "The Secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel" It has been lots of fun and a quick read too. By the way, that is what a hold is for at the library. ;) That way they just call and say come get your books. LOL. Keep up the good running.

housewife said...

yes, I'm aware that's what a hold is for, except I don't like waiting around for things to read:)

Jenn said...

I am so happy that you are running beyond your comfort zone! Way to go!
I love to read, but the last thing I read was "eh" at best. I think I may try out the books you recommended.

Katrina said...

Reading,running and kids, great job keep up and you will be ahead of the game. :)

Lildonbro said...

bummer on not being able to check out certain books. I think the self help books count, if you've actually read them then why not!?