Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'll remember next time

So... another neat thing about living in "the last frontier"...eagles. And I spotted my very first one since being here. Actually I didn't spot it. Some other kids pinpointed the built-in telescope and binoculars to the bald eagle sitting in a tree. Boy was that bird sitting far...far...far away!
And the doofus I am forgot the zoom lense! Who does that? Oh well. Better luck next time. For now I've got this tiny speck, that you need a magnifying glass to see, as proof it was there.

This was down at Potter's Marsh. It was quicker to get to than it seemed the first time I drove by. It's a nice little boardwalk that is double stroller friendly. woo-hoo! The kids enjoyed themselves and sassy pants got to run ahead of us and scope out things. Of course we might have had better luck seeing wildlife if he wasn't wearing his cowboy boots and stomping like a herd of water buffalo! But who am I to want to see wildlife closer than a mile away! Unless you count fish.

Fact: salmon are silver when in the ocean and turn colors 
when they come up river to spawn

(click to make larger)

It was a gorgeous afternoon none the less. Feel free to right click away on the panorama if you would like.
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Katrina said...

Awesome pictures and I am surprised you got that picture of the Eagle, what a site. Glad you had a great day.

Lildonbro said...

yes, cowboy boots and stomping seems to work well to keep all the animals away. If you ask me, he did the right thing :)

Undaunted said...

Sounds fun. As to bears. We have separate tents for food and night patrols ourselves, so your not the only one with "wildlife". :)