Friday, July 1, 2011


"I'm sorry my house is such a mess".

Ever said that? I thought about this statement last night and the circumstances it gets said in. There's the time that you really are surprised when people come over and you haven't had a free moment in your day to take a shower, none the less, pick up the cheerios that are sticking to the table or strewn all over the floor. So you apologize for your messy house and make sure that your unexpected visitor is completely aware that there is a valid reason for it.

Then there's the other reason.

Knowing you are having visitor(s) over and making sure all the clutter is away. Getting on your hands and knees to try and find Every. Last.Crumb. Shoving things into closets and closing the doors lest anyone see in them. Dishes out of the sink and washed and put away. Then when they get to your home...saying "sorry my house is such a mess", knowing full well it isn't. Is this all in hopes that you show your friends that you live this perfect life? That they should be ashamed of their own homes because you think your spotless home is a mess? Or because all you've got in life is your clean home. So when it is clean after tornadoes of children all day you just want to pretend that it isn't as perfect as you'd like it to be?

Or do you not apologize at all?

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Lildonbro said...

Usually I try to clean up when I know people are coming, but even then I seriously think, "It's not as clean as it could be". So I apologize then. No one come over unexpectedly to my house so that's a moot point.

But if people do come, and it is a mess, I just apologize and blame the roommates, that way they can think that if I didn't have roommates my house would be a pristine castle.

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Nana S. said...

OH MY....can I ever relate to all of that....;-) only to have someone say, "it looks so lived in and homey". Well, I guess it has been "lived in" and very much "home"....come in and make yourself at home. ;-)

Undaunted said...

I just try to warn people if it is really messy. Otherwise don't apologize, just do the best you can to not live in a pig sty until they move out.

Katrina said...

What do I do?

Pari said...

haha...i seldom apologize..jus give them a look sayin probably i live messily (if im livin alone) or else blame it on the roomie :D