Thursday, August 25, 2011


So sassy pants told me this afternoon about the bus ride. He hasn't been very thrilled with having to ride it. It was made better today by the fact that his friend rode today. Back to the point. He told me that there was an older kid trying to take money from a little kids back pack.
This bus only takes the elementary kids home. And already there are bullies trying to steal money?  So I asked him if he did anything. If he told a grown up? I also told him that that was bullying and it isn't ok. I told him that he should stick up for the child next time and to tell a grown up. While I think it's important for him to realize that picking on other kids isn't right, I also know that there are repercussions of being the "tattle". So what do you do? I want these qualities of compassion and standing for what you believe, but I also want him safe. 

So what is a mother to do?
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Jenn said...

Call the school or tell the bus driver at the stop. This way the punk doesn't go after your little one for being a tattle.

Erin said...

I am ok with my kids being the tattle tales...and hell at the age of 30 I still tell my mom when people are mean so she can run and defend me :)