Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ohhhh school -insert exasperrated sigh-

We are officially a school going family. Insane I tell you. Here I am thinking that my days are going to be relaxed and uneventful and I will just be able to do things at my own leisurely pace. I must have been on drugs. My days now start at 7 am. Every day. Sunday night I was so paranoid that I was going to be late getting him to school that I slept like poo.  And all the excitement around here is turning my brain into mush. It's going to take a few days to catch up on all of it. So I'm jumping to the middle here since my sister did come in the night before these pictures were taken. Oh well.  So here is sassy pants hanging out "patiently" before the ride in. He's so grown up now it's crazy.

This would be an Iphone picture. I could see the nervousness in his face through all of his smiles.

And of course I had to make him sit on the rocks so I could get another one.

Can you see it? The 'baby' in him still who is really excited about school but scared to death also...

I have not been impressed with photos of me recently so this is only making it because it's the right thing to do. :/

I think he was looking off at the other kids. Oh yah...and this is his new haircut after he decided to take matters into his own hands.

That is it for tonight friends. My brain is shot. I've been calling the college, going to the college, getting up early and going to bed late. The hubs comes home on Saturday so I'm hopeful that I can use his R&R as a reprieve and get caught up on stuff. 
So is this normal? Is this my life now?
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Undaunted said...

Oh heck yea! LOL Welcome to my insane world. Just think, in not to many more years your days will have to start at 6!! (That is 6am.) LOL I am glad he is doing great and he is looking very grown up.

Katrina said...

Welcome to the world of getting kids into school including younger sisters in to college. Yup, your time has just become more busy. But you have to get here to really understand. LOL... it will start to level out before long tho, so don't panic,its just the world of having kids in school. Enjoy the ride!

Matt said...

You're doing a wonderful job. I will do my best to help you get caught up while i'm home. I love and miss you.