Monday, October 17, 2011

My unofficial book reviews

I've worked through some stuff and finally took some 'mental time' for myself:) First on the list is:

I found this book to be an o-k read. I have previously read the Hunger Games and this book follows kind of the same story. Minus the gore. Actually, I think Jen and I talked about how they are but aren't very similar. Haha, I know that doesn't really make sense, but it would if you read it. It's about a girl that gets 'matched' for marriage to her best child-hood friend. The government controls all of it. Even when you die. But when her grandfather dies he leaves her with words that get her mind going to change how things are.
I fund it a quick read and entertaining. The second comes out in less than a month and I will be reading that one as well:)

Next was:

I think I am WAY behind the eight ball on this one. I just started hearing about it when my Aunt in Arizona was less than impressed the theatre in her town didn't have it in opening day! I didn't even know it was a book. Luckily I went to book club and it was on the reading list for October.
I really enjoyed this book. The writing style was a little different so it took me a few chapters to get the hang of it per say. It's about a Jackson MO and the changes that were taking place in the 1960's with segregation. Or, the changes that MO didn't want to happen. A young college graduate applied for a writers job and not having any experience was told to write something worth reading. She decides that enlisting the help of the African American maids is the best way to go. She gets the  inside scoop of life with white women, and not all being bad.
I'm ready to go see the movie, but will wait until Jen starts and finishes she better get on it!

Now my reading list is empty. I'm patiently waiting for the next Ally Condie book, and the fourth Eragon book is due out in November also! Pretty stoked about that. So till then, I'll just prepare for the next Pinterest Challenge!
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Undaunted said...

I really liked The Help. I let K borrow it but I don't know if she finished it or not. I haven't read Matched yet, but didn't like the Hunger Games so I think that is why. Anywhoo, I can't wait for the last book of Eargon either. :D Have a good day.